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3/11/10 01:19 am

I'm going to become a better person, I swear.

I'm going to grow up.

At 22, I think I'm ready. I have been through some pretty dramatic, life-changing situations and I feel as though none of which changed anything in my life In fact, I think I might have used each and every one of them as an excuse to not pursue anything. I've broken every promise I've made, not only to myself either. I need to stop making promises. I need to start taking life seriously, I mean you only get one right? Might as well do something great with the one you're given. I want to become something magnificent, someone that is going to be remembered for everything that they did for their community, someone that is known for how much they cared about others, how grateful they were for everything that was provided for them. I feel like such a piece. I've wasted away so much on nothing. This is definitely for the better, even if all I can afford is rent and utilities for awhile, at least I'm going to learn what it means to live.

I am more than ready for this.

9/22/08 03:25 pm - i love mondays.

because i get to eat panera.

8/31/08 02:11 pm

i am seriously so happy with my life right now. i couldn't ask for anymore. well, maybe a job but that's only because i spend too much money.

7/20/08 03:26 pm - man

i start school in a month.

6/19/08 05:16 pm

i'm really excited to start looking at apartments. i'm glad i actually thought about it this time and didn't really jump into any commitment i wasn't sure could last. i'm also glad i get to start seeing my boys everyday again. it's been a rough 3 weeks but i've held strong. i need to start finding more furniture and a kitten.

i cannot wait for august.

5/13/08 11:32 am

last day of work.
date with baldy tomorrow.
start making hella money on thursday.
getting faded on friday.

the next 3 months better go by fast.

4/17/08 12:27 am

i am really looking forward to getting this summer job.
color on the octopus on monday, super pumped.
brewers/cubs game, totally psyched.
all i need to do is go chair shopping.

3/19/08 03:52 am

i really need to become passionate about something. anything. i just need something in my life.

2/24/08 12:59 pm

i desperately need some sort of change in life. shits getting wizzeak.

2/17/08 04:26 pm

i want extensions again.
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